If you need to contact any specific Junior High student, a list of emails is below.

Sebastian Purcell, Lead Accountant and Web Designer: sebastian.purcell@tchjh.org.

Morgan Pauly, Public Relations Director: morgan.pauly@tchjh.org.

Isley Moshier, Chief Operations Officer: isley.moshier@tchjh.org.

Matthew Magiera, Chief Financial Officer: matthew.magiera@tchjh.org.

Ella Kirkwood, Chief Sales Executive: ella.kirkwood@tchjh.org.

Daklen Schiller, Vice President of Horticulture: daklen.schiller@tchjh.org.

Brogan Danbrook, Vice President of Purchasing: brogan.danbrook@tchjh.org.

Casey Klau, Vice President of Packaging: casey.klau@tchjh.org.

Ian Boss, Vice President of Advertising: ian.boss@tchjh.org.

Nora Neidorfler, Vice President of Distribution: nora.neidorfler@tchjh.org.

Claire Derrer, Vice President of Distribution: claire.derrer@tchjh.org.

Lola Ruoff, Vice President of Scheduling: lola.ruoff@tchjh.org.

Landen Finkel, Vice President of Scheduling: landen.finkel@tchjh.org.

Luca Santoro, Senior Financial Advisor, luca.santoro@tchjh.org.

For website related inquiries, contact Sebastian Purcell at sebastian.purcell@tchjh.org.
For general inquiries, contact Morgan Pauly at morgan.pauly@tchjh.org.